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A relatively large amount of lawyers out there, consisting of advocates and attorneys, look down upon divorce lawyers and adopt an attitude that divorce lawyers are inferior to other lawyers. These lawyers seem to suffer from illusions of grandeur and seem to regard themselves as superior beings when they push out their chests and state, “I don’t do matrimonial law, I only do commercial.” Here we differ we have a vision and a mission but most importantly a passion for what we do.

Well, we do matrimonial law and not only do we do so, we specialize in it, we’re proud of doing so and we love doing so. Specializing in divorce and family law entails meeting all kinds of different people from all walks of life, getting to know them and helping them to resolve their real life drama in which they find themselves at the time. What can be more interesting and gratifying than this?

With over 100 years of experience between the attorneys at our practice, not only are we willing and able to assist you with your divorce and family law problem, we would love to do so and we would love to endeavour to ensure that you walk out of your dilemma with the best possible solution, under the circumstances. Proving our vision for a professional service.

Our most important objective is to render you a service and to ensure that all employees of our practice also do so, so that after the conclusion of your matter when you go your own way, you do so feeling good under the circumstances and with the knowledge that should a child, family member, friend or colleague find themselves in a similar predicament in the future, you know exactly where to refer them and exactly where they will receive proper and professional advice and assistance. The vision and mission we speak about here drives us everyday to strive for excellence.